Mezone:Best Sounding TWS Earbuds

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TWS Supreme Sound


80-Hour Battery Life


Perfect Ergonomy


IPX7 Waterproof


Cutting Edge Bluetooth 5.0


Wireless Charging Case

Sound Reigns Supreme

Even for a hardcore audiophile, Mezone is the best-sounding wireless earbuds that can rival the wired ones. Most of the wireless earbuds in the market trade audio quality for portability. However, we refuse to budge on offering the supreme sound quality, so we went to great lengths to challenge ourselves with modifications and improvements in both software and hardware to bring the best sound quality out of Mezone.

Extra Secure Fit with Zero Discomfort

Thanks to Mezone’s ergonomic design, they stay in place even during the most vigorous movements, and they fit so snugly that you can even sleep in them.

We scanned and gathered data from the canal and exterior of the ears of thousands of people and used it to determine the perfect tilt and angle that lock the earbud in place for all types of ears. We made many iterations to streamline the earbuds’ surface to perfectly match the contour of the ear for maximum comfort.

Seamless Transition From Two to One

Mezone’s cutting-edge Airoha chip, AB1532, allows each Mezone to pair to your device individually, so you can use either one separately and switch between the two without any delay or interruption.

Super Long Playtime Get You Through the Day

Mezone’s industrial leading custom-made chips also help to seriously decrease power consumption therefore significantly increase continuous playback time per charge to 8 hours, which almost 2x that of average TWS earbuds in the market. The portable charging case with a built-in battery will provide extra 72 hours playtime which adds up to a total of 80 hours.

Charging Is A Breeze

With the portable charging case, you can charge your Mezone on the go, anywhere, anytime. The headphones charge while they are in the case. To charge the case, simply place it on a wireless Qi mat, or plug a cable into its Type-C charging port. The case features three LED battery indicators for both the headphones and case, so you are never left guessing.


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