Monster X:The Most Powerful Power Station

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AC Outlet




2 x Macbook Charging Port




Pass through charging


2 x QC 3.0 USB-C Port

100W AC Outlet Charge whatever you want. Full-speed charging your mac and laptop.

With its powerful 100W output, Monster X offers a new mobile lifestyle, camping, road trip and mobile work. When you can’t use the AC outlet, Monster X frees you from the wall, allowing you to take any 100W anytime, anywhere.Not only that, the Monster X is the perfect power pack for any MacBook/laptop. Whether it’s USB-C or a standard 120V / 230V plug, the Monster X provides full-speed charging for all models.

2 x USB-C Ports Designed for the new USB-C notebook

The Monster X has two PD-certified USB-C ports that provide up to 65W of output and 65W of input, respectively. It provides nearly 2.3 times the power output compared to similar products. Compatible with all USB-C laptops, including Apple, Dell, Chromebook and others.

10W Qi WirelessCharging Fast WirelessCharging, Anywhere.

The Monster X is also a super wireless charging pad. You can enjoy the wireless fast charging technology by placing your phone at hand. Its power reaches 10w, and its charging speed is twice that of mainstream products. Compatible with 7.5w, 5w wireless charging smart phones.

2 x QC 3.0 USB Ports Simultaneously Charge Up To 5 Devices.

Monster X also has two fast-charging USB-a ports can output up to 5V/9V/12V=2A (24W max) to charge your smart devices as fast as possible.223W Total Output. Most Comprehensive Array of Output Ports.

Pass through charging

The Monster X can be charged and discharged simultaneously. When you use the usb-c input to charge, Pass through technology can make it a three-in-one charging station with a multi-port patch panel + wireless charging pad + mobile power. After you have fully charged multiple devices, your Monster X is also full at the same time.

20,100 mAh Capacity & Solar rechargeable Ultra High Capacity and Power

Six high-grade Panasonic lithium batteries provide 20,100mah of electricity to meet daily needs, can be brought on the plane, easy to travel. With its built-in charge controller, lightning fast recharging from outlet, solar, or car. versatile power inputs allow you to recharge no matter where you are.

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